Call It What It Is

   In my imagination…I see a few New Englanders standing by the side of this road discussing what to name it. Someone suggests Lake Street because maybe there is a lake at the end. Someone else calls out how about Mountain View, because of the beautiful mountains in sight. Meadow Lane is tossed into the mix because … More Call It What It Is

The September Slide

September is almost over and despite the balmy temperature today, autumn is here. All my life I have thought of the New Year as starting in September. As a child, a student, a teacher, and a mother – September is the beginning. New back-to-school shoes, fresh notebooks, a welcome return to routine, and wide open … More The September Slide

Second Summer

This is the second summer since my husband died. To quote a grieving friend, the time passing is both “too quick and too long.” It is our second summer of not being able to share with him all that summer represents: more hours in the day, muggy nights, melting ice cream, cicadas signing through open … More Second Summer

Ghosts At The Gate

Airports are a trigger for me – my husband traveled all over the country, and the world, for work. He always had a bag packed and a trip on the calendar. He could zip in and out of security with his pre-approved security clearance and his wallet was stuffed with frequent flyer and hotel reward … More Ghosts At The Gate

Catching The Light

I took this picture in my yard a few days ago. Everything in the photo has special meaning – it is my go to spot and what I see out my kitchen window. The hydrangea plant lived by the front door for years and never did a thing, no puffy blooms, no wide green leaves. … More Catching The Light