Empty Space

This has been a year of too much and not enough. Too much Covid, too much controversy, too much death, too much gone wrong. And so much unknown. This is also the year of not enough. Too little PPE, too little known, too little truth. Empty food bins, empty wallets. Vacant buildings and deserted streets. … More Empty Space


Ring that bell, stomp your feet, clap your hands (wash ’em before and after please), sing out loud – make some noise! Can you hear me? This poem of gratitude is for you. Late night rounds, early morning rounds – I know what you do. All that you do. Medical staff and support staff too. … More MAKE SOME NOISE


Clearly social distancing is a challenge for these guys. If you do not recognize this breed, they are Vizslas, otherwise know as velcro dogs. They want to be on you, next to you, smooshing you, and of course, crushing each other.  I have oodles of pictures like this with humans in them as well, on … More CONNECTED


Over two feet of snow was dumped on our little hill this week. The weather app on my phone declared a red banner storm alert –Winter Storm Warning!! So we prepared. Shovels were lined up on the deck and front stoop. I made sure we all had snow scrapers in our cars. Then we hunkered … More WINTER WARNING

Left Behind

  My original title for this blog, which has been swirling around in my head for months, was Look Forward. But like so many times over the past many months when I have failed to write – the push and pull of what I want to say, what I feel, leaves me confused. So I … More Left Behind


If only it was this easy.  Pull a string and help is on the way.  You know, good help, the kind that is actually helpful.  I saw this in the bathroom at physical therapy where I am receiving very good help (finally – woohoo) for the pain in my face and jaw. I chuckled as … More HELP IS ON THE WAY

The Missing

I went missing – from this blog and more. I haven’t shown up here to write and I faded from friends and activities. But I want to come back. I am figuring out how. I wonder how I will do? Grief brought me to this blog. I was never more present with myself then when … More The Missing


This is a tricky Pyrex situation. Clearly we have too many pieces and the extraction of one item can lead to a crash of glass or at least require some careful navigating. But each piece was collected over time and has just the right shape or a favorite pattern. When you combine households (and one … More TRUTH OR DARE


I met a woman today whose husband is dying. She is not sure when, or how it will all go down, but he is dying. The conversation started with us discussing air conditioning, and I am sure there was a logical progression to discussing death and impending widowhood. But then again, maybe there wasn’t because … More OUT TO SEA

Hold It Together

Sometimes you have to be creative when you need to hold it together. You have to fix the fence with whatever nail or screw you can find and get it done.  It isn’t perfect, nothing matches, the repairs happened over the years, but it works. In this case, the fence stays up and the horses … More Hold It Together