If only it was this easy.  Pull a string and help is on the way.  You know, good help, the kind that is actually helpful.  I saw this in the bathroom at physical therapy where I am receiving very good help (finally – woohoo) for the pain in my face and jaw. I chuckled as … More HELP IS ON THE WAY


If you know me, you know I like a clean house. If you are a friend of mine, I have probably cleaned your house. Maybe you were pregnant, tired, taking care of a sick child, or just sitting at your kitchen table while my restless hands loaded your dishwasher. I am not writing about just … More CLEANING HOUSE

Ghosts At The Gate

Airports are a trigger for me – my husband traveled all over the country, and the world, for work. He always had a bag packed and a trip on the calendar. He could zip in and out of security with his pre-approved security clearance and his wallet was stuffed with frequent flyer and hotel reward … More Ghosts At The Gate