Good things happen to sad people. You get my play on words – everyone knows the famous book When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner. And we aren’t really sad people, but I think you know what I mean. Good things and good times can and do happen when you are grieving … More GOOD TIMES


I have started swearing. A lot. I mean, I always swore a little, but now I am unleashed. I am busting out bad words alone in my car, behind my bedroom door, and on my walks in the woods. If you see me talking to myself or hear me through an open window – just … More BUSTING OUT


You guessed it – I had to pull off the road to take this photo. I knew this hay barn in western Massachusetts would become a blog post. I have gone back and forth between the title Shelter and Still Standing. Both titles work. I saw myself when I saw that hay barn. I offer shelter and … More SHELTER


My favorite pictures of myself are the ones my husband took. He was the family photographer and collected cameras like this old Rollieflex. The photo of me on cross country skis is the last one he took of me. I like to think about what he was seeing when he snapped the shot. I wonder what … More SELF PORTRAITS

Comfort And Joy

  The holidays are in the rear view mirror. So are the anniversary dates of my husband’s death, burial, and service. These days are intertwined and have a tight grip on the season. The season of good tidings of comfort and joy…. In an earlier post I said I would be out of here for … More Comfort And Joy

Call It What It Is

   In my imagination…I see a few New Englanders standing by the side of this road discussing what to name it. Someone suggests Lake Street because maybe there is a lake at the end. Someone else calls out how about Mountain View, because of the beautiful mountains in sight. Meadow Lane is tossed into the mix because … More Call It What It Is

The September Slide

September is almost over and despite the balmy temperature today, autumn is here. All my life I have thought of the New Year as starting in September. As a child, a student, a teacher, and a mother – September is the beginning. New back-to-school shoes, fresh notebooks, a welcome return to routine, and wide open … More The September Slide